Edenic Era LLC

Based in Los Angeles


Released Oct 2019

Release Date

Steam - PC


Free to Play

No Pay to Win

Direct purchase cosmetics (No Loot Box Only)


Fact Sheet


Valgrave: Immortal Plains is a spell-based, combo building battle royale that focuses on providing a new experience every game. Pick  abilities each game and play with up to 40 other players in a FFA with team mode coming soon.  There are over 100,000 combinations with new abilities being added regularly.  Abilities range from simple kicks to bringing down meteors upon your enemies. With dozens of abilities to choose from, it is far more important to outwit instead of "outtwitch" your enemies.  Play as characters ranging from the soulstealing Shakespeare to the nefarious pirate queen Cheng I Sao.  


Valgrave: Immortal Plains started as a passion project between a few friends from Riot Games over two years ago after playing H1Z1 and PUBG.  They dreamed of creating a Battle Royale that wasn't focused around gunplay and gave players more choices in how they went into battle.  Edenic Era LLC was formed to make that dream a reality and this is the first game from the studio (though it will not be the last).  Using technologies like Unreal Engine, Steam, and AWS they have been able to craft a feature-rich multiplayer game with a small three person team.  


  • Hundreds of thousands of spell combos available.

  • Available on Steam now!

  • Free-to-play, no pay-to-win promise.

  • A guarantee to avoid loot boxes as the sole way to get content.

  • Characters based on historical figures and legends.

  • Community feedback driven. As a very small team we can work with the community to make changes quickly.

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  • Jarrod Spurrier - Lead Developer

  • Shaun Randall - Product Lead and Developer

  • Adam Petersen - Developer