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Valhalla Immortal Plains - Highlights

Well we are quickly approaching the end of the year. We are in December territory and can't wait until next year! In order to properly prepare for Valhalla Immortal Plains to launch next year, we still have many months of testing left.

So for now, let's look at some of our top highlights from beta testing and see if I can remember the fight and give some background for it.


Valhalla Immortal Plains - Top Fail

valhalla immortal plains battle royale spell fight fail
VIP Spell-Based Battle Royale Fail

A pretty early gif of a battle in VIP, was created for this site during its first iteration and was used in a few places. I remember the enemy asking for mercy because he didn't have any spells and the main dude missing so many spells in a row trying to kill him.

Valhalla Immortal Plains - Oldest Battle Royale Map

VIP Valhalla Immortal Plains Battle Royale first map ever
First VIP map, made by yours truly!

One of the only pictures known to include the first map of the Valhalla Immortal Plains. It was made for 2-3 players and featured a small town on top of a hill and had a small river running around it. It was.... really small. Our friend and developer of VIP, Dev Bluefire, made the next two iterations of the map to fit more users!

Valhalla Immortal Plains - First Video

Again here we re with another one of yours truly's attempts at creativity. This is our game's first attempt at a hype video to really show viewers what we are trying to accomplish. It will probably be replaced sooner or later with a better video but enjoy it in the interim!

Valhalla Immortal Plains - Final Thoughts on 2018

As we enter into 2019 this year, our squad over here has some ambitious goals. Let's talk about our goals now.

  • Launch sometime in 2019

  • Redesign the UX/UI

  • Create new characters

  • Create illustrations for our current characters

  • Introduce another 10+ spells before launch

  • Get on Steam

Hopefully we are able to achieve all of these goals and we will work hard as a team to launch them all!

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